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Team Ernst – Help Us Take The Fight to ALS.


Dear Friends,


Thank you for visiting the Team Ernst website.  On February 5, 2013, Anthony “Michael” Ernst, a former standout football player at Harvard University in the early 80's, was formally diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.


This horrific disease has no known cure and takes a mighty toll on not just the individual but families, loved ones, friends and entire villages of which the afflicted is a part.  That is the case with the Ernst family.  However, following the courageous lead of Mike himself, a band of supporters of Mike and his family have formed “Team Ernst” to battle this affliction head-on.


The undaunted spirt and courage of Mike Ernst is the inspiration of Team Ernst, whose mission is clear:  (a) to tell Mike’s story; (b) to increase the awareness of ALS; (c) to raise funds for Mike’s family, business and medical expenses; and (d) to raise money and awareness to find better treatment and a cure for ALS.


Thank you for your support and please join our Team and help us in our fight for Mike and our mission to find a cure for ALS.




Team Ernst

2016 Harvard Yale Game

TeamErnst Trailer- Hearing Mike's Story from Family & Friends

The Mission

To provide financial support, moral support and stability & to provide the best options for care to Mike & the Ernst Family as Mike's ALS condition progresses.

The Vision

Public Awareness          
We want to tell Mike's life story, and his story with ALS.  This disease is often misunderstood and in many ways virtually unknown by the general public.  The grueling impact this disease has on communities and families creates a chasm between  By rallying public awareness, we will rally support to eliminate ALS!  We will be orchestrating several public awareness events to accomplish this work.       


Bringing Things Together         
Using a “pay it forward” concept, we will inspire the future ALS patients that they can move forward with their lives in amazing and productive ways, and to help coordinate & administer future events for other patients. During the process they utilize technology and equipment we have acquired so they can establish the tools and skills necessary for a productive, valuable and purposeful life.
Equipment, Services and Technology       
Technology and equipment have advanced over the past decade but these services can be taken even further. With these advanced tools, we feel that ALS patients will choose to live extraordinary lives.Team Ernst will work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and creative companies like Cereproc and DynaVox to develop voice creation and hands-free software and technology.Helping deliver leading edge equipment, services and technology will benefit ALS patients with purpose and the ability to communicate, interact, and be valuable.

November 19,2016 Harvard Varsity Club pays tribute to Team Ernst and former Harvard Varsity football player Mike Ernst at 4th quarter of the infamous Harvard Yale rivalry

2016 Harvard Yale Game

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